Grand Canyon

Photo of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River with text reading "Grand Canyon"

Nowhere on earth is there a more dramatic geologic storybook than the Grand Canyon. This 15-day adventure will have you floating down 225 miles of the Colorado River through the magnificient Grand Canyon from Lee's Ferry to Diamond Creek. This river stretch has it all, from meandering river bends to exciting rapids like Lava Falls and Crystal. In addition to whitewater, there are countless side canyons with creeks, waterfalls, indian ruins and much more. Experience the trip of a lifetime on this accessible adventure!

Brief Trip Itinerary:

  • Arrive in Flagstaff the evening before your trip for an orientation pre-trip where you will meet your Trip Leader who will answer any questions and distribute waterproof bags.
  • Meet your guides at the put in who will load your equipment onto the boat, give safety instructions, and make any adaptations necessary to accomodate special needs. Once this is taken care of, you'll hop on the rafts and begin your trip down the river.  
  • Days two through fourteen will involve a wide variety activites. Each day you will move camps, allowing you time on the river to enjoy the scenery and experience thrilling whitewater. There will also be times to explore side canyons and other treats The Canyon has to offer. Your nights will be spent on sandy beaches beneath a canopy of stars and towering canyon walls with delicious food and great company.
  • On the final day of the trip you will raft the final portion of the river and take off at Diamond Creek before heading back to Flagstaff to enjoy a dinner out on the town with your new best friends!

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Trip Details

Trip Start:  No trip scheduled for 2018, stay tuned for 2019 dates!

Trip End:

Trip Start/End Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

Trip Cost: $4,100 Sliding scale scholarships are available for people with special needs. Please click here to complete a scholarship application

Trip Includes: All rafting and camping equipment, professional guides, and delicious meals

Trip Does Not Include: Travel arrangements to/from Flagstaff, Arizona, overnight accomodations in Flagstaff the night before and night after the trip, or gratuity

Accessibility: The nature of this trip allows us to accommodate a wide variety of special needs on this trip. Please contact the River Program Manager at or 415-474-7662 ext. 15 for questions about accessibility.

Terms & Conditions: Please click here for detailed terms & conditions and information on our cancelation policy.  



To book your trip or ask any questions please contact the River Program Manager at:

Phone: 415-474-7662 ext. 15



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