14-Day Young Women's Adventure

Gier Hernandez paddling the iqyak he helped build as a Youth LEADer

Course Dates:

June 25th-July 8th 2017

Pre-Trip Meeting: Thursday June 22nd 2017




This 14-day adventure travel course offers teenagers from diverse
backgrounds the opportunity to explore our coastal waterways, go expedition backpacking, learn primitive camping skills, and embrace the 10,000 year old tradition of kayaking!

This journey begins on San Francisco Bay where participants fine-tune the foundations of sea kayaking. Learning to work as a team, the group travels to Tomales Bay and camps at Hearts Desire Beach to embrace their creative side and tune into nature. After the kayaking trip, the participants will spend time on an organic farm, learning to embrace the wisdom of the elders and consider how to move into the future as wiser stewards of the earth. From there, the group heads to the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline in California, The Lost Coast, for a five day backpacking trip.


Day 1  Participants meet in San Francisco and begin the day with icebreaker games and goal setting at Fort Miley's Ropes Course.  In the evening we hold our first nightly council circle, divide into teams and establish leadership roles.

Day 2

We will travel by van to Sausalito where we are introduced to essential kayaking skills and rescues. We put our new skills into action as we kayak on beautiful San Francisco Bay we develop our communication skills, our kayaking skills, and explore the history of kayaking in San Francisco Bay.


Days 3-8

We pack up and travel north to Hearts Desire Beach in Tomales Bay to depart on an expedetion paddle to explore Point Reyes National Sea Shore. We will pack a fleet of kayaks full of everything we need to spend the next three nights.  We will take time to connect to the nature around us and reflect on our relationships with each other and the earth. This is where we begin to embrace the ancient tradition of the first kayakers. As we learn to live simply and close to nature, we will spend our nights sleeping outdoors and our days learning primitive skills 


Day 9-13 

The last leg of our trip takes us to the unspoiled coastline of Point Reyes National Seashore. This beautiful landscape will be our final challenge as we navigate the coastline and climb nearby peaks on our way to an adventurous end to our journey.

Day 14

Graduation Day! This is a potluck gathering in San Francisco. We invite our friends and family to watch a slideshow of our adventure, and share with them the highlights of our journey and the lessons we have learned.

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